About AutoTracker

AutoTracker is a web-based software that delivers a powerful, all in one, fleet tracking and management solution.
Unlike many other GPS tracking system providers, we -Analog Web Solutions- actually develop, maintain and operate our own software system, which is designed to fit your business and help you manage and optimize your fleet’s everyday activities. (More details about Analog Web Solutions and what other web services and solutions we provide in Cyprus)

Regardless the sector your business is operating, the bottom line for fleet management is performance and cost.
Whether your vehicles consist the fleet of a delivery company, a security service provider, car rentals or transportation, the target remains the same…

Maximizing fleet performance and efficiency while minimizing costs.

With AutoTracker you have the ability to stay connected to your fleet 24/7 and closely monitor driver behavior so that you can get the right decisions to improve fleet efficiency. You can set up automated alerts and get notifications whenever a vehicle enters or exits specific, on map custom shaped, areas (Geofence), when it exceeds the speed limit you have set, and/or Dates/Time that a vehicle is allowed or not allowed to move. In this way you are empowered to have full control and real-time protection of your valuable assets.

As a cloud based software, AutoTracker is accessible by any internet connected device and will make managing your fleet so easier you will wonder how you ever did without it.