Features and benefits

Starting in fleet management and monitoring, we wanted to create a powerful, but easy to use, solution that would help any business boost productivity, save money on fuel, increase vehicle’s security and driver’s safety. These, combined with some other common business operational challenges, have led us to develop AutoTracker.

A new approach on fleet monitoring and management!

AutoTracker is the all in one web-based vehicle tracking system that will drive your business to a different level. It includes the key features of fleet management for any vehicle type in any business sector and it was designed specifically for commercial fleet owners and fleet managers who want a real-time status or their fleet 24 hours a day. It is also suitable for any private vehicle owner who wants to ensure his car safety and eliminate any unauthorized use.
Key features:

  • Web-based real time vehicle tracking and management system
  • Accessible by any internet connected device
  • 30 seconds tracking sequence when engine is on and every two hours when engine is off
  • Real-time follow on map with full vehicle details
  • Custom shaped Geofences with alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Date/Time allowed or not allowed to move alerts
  • One month route history with playback option
  • ...And much more

  • Real time location of your vehicle
  • Improve driving behavior and driver’s safety
  • Eliminate any unauthorized use
  • Vehicle theft protection – locate your vehicle’s location in case of theft.
  • Increase business’ productivity
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Verify timesheets and overtime claims
  • Improve customer response times
  • ...And much more
AutoTracker is powered by Analog Web Solutions and it is 100% cloud based software accessible by any internet connected device. All user accounts have their own profile, control panel and database.
Additionally, all users are linked to the same software platform, ensuring that everyone benefits from system upgrades and newly added features.