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1. What do I need to start tracking my vehicles?
Here is the procedure. a) You select the tracking plan that fits your needs. b) We setup the devices ready to track with our software. c) We deliver the devices ready to install on your vehicle and you pay the devices’ cost upon collection. d) As soon as the devices are installed on the vehicles, you are ready to track.

2. Is there a setup fee for the tracking devices?
No. We will setup your account and your devices ready to track free of charge.

3. Is there any on vehicle installation fee for the devices?
Yes there will be an extra cost for the devices installation according the devices amount.
You may choose to arrange the devices’ installation with your electrician, following the installation manual provided by us.
ATTENTION: We do not bear any responsibility for any damage caused on the device by an incorrect installation!

4. What device do I need to access my tracking control panel?
You are able to access and track your vehicles from our website using any internet connected device 24hours a day.

5. Can I get real-time GPS tracking using AutoTracker?
Yes. Our system provides real-time tracking data.

6. How accurate is the GPS vehicle tracking?
Our GPS tracker is accurate to within 5 meters of the tracked vehicle.

7. How often does the GPS device track?
The GPS device tracks every 30seconds when engine is on and every two hours when engine is off.

8. Is there any option on changing the tracking sequence of the GPS device?
Yes, you may ask for a faster tracking sequence, but there will be additional charge according your selected plan and number of vehicles.

9. Do I need a SIM card with a data plan?
Yes. We have already listed all available options under our pricing page from where you can choose what to add with your plan. (This option applies only for Cyprus users)

10. In what counties does the GPS tracking system work?
As a web-based software, AutoTracker is capable to work worldwide, but the customer will have to buy and install himself specific tracking device from our device supported list.
You will also need to get a SIM data card.

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Last edited on 27/10/2017